Gender Male
Birth Date Mar 03, 2007
Age 11 years old
City / Town / Village
Sponsorship Program
Day Centers
3-th grade
Favorite Subject


(DC2-97 ) Seiran Voskerchyan was born on March 3, 2007 in Vanadzor. He attends secondary school and he is in the 3rd grade. His favorite subject is Mathematics.

The family consists of  four members. Seiran's father, Hakob is a dispatcher. His mother, Gohar is a pharmacist.Their family lives in a two-roomed rented flat. In winter they use only the living-room, where the child also does his lessons. The flat is heated with the electricity. They have water and gas supply. Child attended to Shoghik summer camp in 2015.

Seiran is an arranged and responsible boy and he has a high motivation towards education. He does his homework by himself, and sometimes applies his teachers help. He is very attentive and caring to his sister. He likes to recite and dance very much. In the Center he sometimes shows an aggressive behavior.

Day Center professional team works with him. Some changes are obvious in his behavior. Seiran tries to control his emotions. 

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