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(DC2-153) Milena D.  was born on December 7, in Vanadzor town, Armenia. Child is a 5th grader at school. Milena doesn’t have health problems.

Family consists of 8 members; parents, brothers, grandparents, aunt and Milena. Father, is a driver /not permanent job/ and support the family partly. Child’s mother, Marine is a housewife. Grandfather and aunt are handicapped. Parents can’t provide child’s development and satisfy her all needs because of low income of the family. It includes only father’s not stabile salary. Milena has 2 brothers. Milena has educational problems as parents can’t follow up on her lessons. As a result, child has difficulties in learning the Armenian language. Family lives in a 3-room apartment. Apartment is small.

Due to the above mentioned problems in the family the Day Center professional team takes child into the program.  She loves dancing and take part in theatrical plays.