Gender Male
Birth Date Feb 13, 2006
Age 13 years old
City / Town / Village
Sponsorship Program
Day Centers
Favorite Subject
Armenian language


(DC2-164)  Levon  was born on February 13,2006 in Ararat town. Now they live in Vanadzor town. Levon attends secondary school and is in the 5th grade. His favorite subject is Armenian.

The family consists of four members. Child's father, Grigor is a driver. He supports the family partly. Child's mother Marusya is a laborer. Their family income is not enough to care for their needs. The family recently moved to Vanadzor town. Now they live in a rented three-roomed apartment. The furniture belongs to the owner of the house. The house is clean and tidy.

Levon has educational and psychological problems. Child's parents have low level of parental and educational skills. Sometimes they even abuse child and he becomes self-contained and unsociable.

The Day Center professional team decided to take child into the program taking into account family’s financial and social, as well as children’s educational and psychological problems.

Remark* Levon is a clever and organized boy. But sometimes he can't restrain himself as he has conflicts with his peers. He always wants to be a leader. Levon dreams to become a boxer.

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