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Nver S.    I was born on February 9th, in Berd town. I attend secondary school and I'm in the 7th grade. My favorite subject is Math. My eyes and hair are brown. I don't have any health problem. I attend Evangelical church, Sunday school. My father is unemployed and can't support us. My mother is a housewife. My guardians are my parents. I have 2 sisters, Gohar (37 years old) and Liana (34 years old) they are married. Our income is not enough to care for our needs. It includes only the income of our garden. We live in bad social condiions. The house is 60 years old and needs renovation. The furniture is old and worn out. We have gas supply, water and electricity.We'll use your assistance for buying food and clothes. (7B-096; update)

Note* Nver is a very calm, friendly and easygoing child.