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The Armenian Language

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Erjanik P. was born on November 12th, in Vanadzor, he attends secondary school , he is in the 6-th grade and his favorite subject is the Armenian Language.  The family consists of 5 members: father is a constructor and supports family partly, mother is a houswife. Father suffers from eczema. Erjanik has a sister Astghik ( 15 ) and a brother Aren (17). The family income is not enough to care for their needs, it includes brother's seasonal salary, grandfather's pension. Family lives in a 3-room appartment which belongs to the uncle, who supports family partly. Erjanik attends ECA and took part in Shin Shoghik. (New DC2-187)

The Day Center enrolled child into the program due to financial problems.

Remarks* The child is very modest and friendly. He loves sport, he used to attend boxing and judo. He helps everybody with the housework.