About Me
My name is Manouk K..
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Sponsorship Program

Avedisian School



Favorite Subject

Math,Geography,Natural science

My Story

Manouk K. I was born on  August 10th in Yerevan. I attend secondary school, I am in the 6-th grade, my favorite subjects are Math, Geography and Natural science. My eyes and hair are brown. My father is a sender, my mother works in a bank, Our family income is not enough to care for our needs, it includes my parents' insignificant salary.  I have a brother who is 20 years old. We have social problems, our home needs renovation. Bathroom and kitchen are in unsatisfactory state, the ground and ceiling are faded.  (NEW AV01-187 ) 

Remarks* The child is very responsable and active. He is sociable, he takes part in extra-lessons events with pleasure.