About Me
My name is Mariam T..
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Sponsorship Program

Avedisian School



Favorite Subject

Biology, Physics and Armenian language

My Story

Mariam T. I was born on  February 12th in Armenia. I attend secondary school. I am in the 8th grade. My favorite subjects are Biology, Physics and the Armenian language. My eyes and hair are brown. My father currently works in Russia. My mother is unemployed.Our family income is not enough to care for our needs, it includes my father's salary only. I have a sister who is10 years old. We live in 2-room house, which is in satisfactory social condition. The house needs renovation, the furniture is missing, the bathroom is in bad state. (NEW AV01-128).

Remarks* Mariam is friendly , modest and hard working, she likes being in the surrounding of her friends, she likes dancing.