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6-th grade

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Albert M. was born on March 28 in Boiansk (RF). He attends 6th grade of secondary school in Gyumri. His favorite subject is Painting. He has black hair and brown eyes with eyesight problems. His mother is a housewife. His father works abroad. Albert has a 15-year-old sister. The family lives in a 2 room house with old furniture and no bathroom; the toilet is outside. In the winter, they use wood to heat up parts of the house. They get cold water from a pump through artesian waters. The family income only includes pension, which is not enough to care of the family basic needs. Taking into considerations these factors the child is enrolled in Day Center program. (NEW DC4-02)

Remarks* Albert is friendly and active. He likes games and draws in his free time. He dreams of having a home and becoming a painter.