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Erik D.:  I was born on June 19th, in town Yerevan. I attend school and I am  in the 3rd grade. My favorite subjects are Math and Painting. My hair and eyes are black. I have a brain fracture because of a car accident. Apart from school, I don't attend any study group. My father is a car mechanic. He suffers from arthritis. My mother, Anna is a housewife and takes care of us. She has goiter. I have a 3 years old brother. His name is Edgar. Our guardian is my mother Anna. Our family income is not enough to care for our needs. It includes my father's low salary and a poverty allowance. We live in a rented 3 room private house with old renovation. We have water and electricity supply. We don't have gas supply. We have necessary furniture (old and worn out). We don't live in satisfactory social conditions. We'll use the money for buying food, clothes and stationeries for Erik. (AV01-196; new)

Remark*  Erik is a calm and clever boy. He is handicapped because of a car accident, he has speech problem.