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My name is Artak S..
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Child Sponsorship



Favorite Subject

Math, chess

My Story

Artak S.  I was born on April 22th, in Martakert. I have brown eyes and hair. I attend secondary school and I am in the 5th grade. My favorite subjects are Math, Chess. I don't have any health problem. My father died in 2020 during Artsakh war. My mother is a housewife. She takes care of us. I have 2 brothers (15 and 6 years old). My family income includes only allowance. After moving from Artsakh, we lived in our relative's house. With the help of benefactors, we bought a three room apartment, furnished and renovated. (01-1175; new)

Remark*  Artak is a modest, kind boy. He studies well at school. He helps his mother at home and takes care of his brother.