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My name is Vahe S..
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Child Sponsorship



Favorite Subject

Math , Armenian language

My Story

Vahe S.  I was born on September 2nd,  in Stepanakert. I have brown eyes and hair. I attend primary school and I am in the 1st grade. My favorite subjects are Math and the Armenian language. I don't have any health problems. My father died in 2020 during Artsakh war. My mother is a housewife. She takes care of us. I have 2 brothers (15 and 11 years old). My family income includes only allowance. It is not enough to take care of our basic needs.  After moving from Artsakh, we lived in our relative's house. With the help of benefactors, we bought a three room apartment, furnished and renovated. (01-1176; new)

Remark*  Vahe is a modest, kind boy. He studies well at school. He helps his mother at home.