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Sona M.:     I was born on December 25th, in Spitak town of Lori region. I have brown eyes and hair. I will go to kindergarten this year. I am healthy. My father doesn't have a job currently. My mother is a housewife. My guardian is my mother. I have a sister (Anna-14 years old) and 6 brothers (Haik-12, Alex-11, Alen-9, Narek-3, Davit-2 and Gevorg-11 months old). Our family income is not enough to care for our basic needs. It includes only an allowance.  We live in a two floor stone house. The house needs renovation. Bathroom and toilet are half-built. Using your assistance we will buy food and clothes.

(3S-229; new)  Remark*  Sona is a naughty girl. She loves to play different games.