About Me
My name is Anahit H..
City / Town / Village




Sponsorship Program

Avedisian School



Favorite Subject

Russian language

My Story

Anahit H.:    I was born on  March 13th,  in Yerevan town.  I study at the Avedisian school. I am in the 5th grade and my favorite subject is the Russian language. My eyes and hair are brown. My father passed away. My mother works in "Alex textile". Our family income is not enough to care for our needs. It includes only my mother's low salary.  I don't have any sisters or brothers. We live in a 1 floor private house, which has 4 rooms. We live in my maternal grandmother's house with my uncle and his family. We have gas supply. The house is in normal condition. We have necessary furniture.  (AV01-230; new).

Remark*   Anahit is a very friendly girl.