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My name is Anush A..
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Day Centers



Favorite Subject

Geography, History

My Story

(DC4-033) Anush A. was born on July 13th, in town Gyumri. Her hair is brown and eyes are green. She is in the 7th grade and her favorite subjects are Geography and History.  Anush's father,  works as a salesman and laborer. Her mother is a cleaner. She has a sister (Nare -9 years old). Their income is not enough to care for their needs. The family lost everything they had in Artsakh, now they live in someone else's  house. There are 3 rooms, the 1st floor needs full renovation. Parents can't follow up with her lessons because of work.  Due to the above mentioned problems, the Day Center professional team decided to enroll the child in the program. 

Remark*   The child is very clever, loves to learn computer programs. After moving from Artsakh the child became more secluded. She has difficulties in socializing with her peers, misses her hometown and friends. She is afraid of loud voices, especially planes.