Margarian Family

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Margarian family

Susanna Margarian and Avetis Zadoian lived in Berzder town of Kashatagh since 1995. They have six minor children, 3 girls and 3 sons. The eldest daughter, Svetlanna was born in 2006. Her sister, Lilit was born in 2007. And their youngest sister, Nare was born in 2014. The eldest son, Narek was born in 2010. His brother, Sargis was born in 2012. Their youngest brother, Menua was born in 2019.

Their grandmother, Margarita Margarian also lives with them. She is Susanna's mother․ She is a pensioner.

Before the war, they lived in their own house, which was provided by the government  as a large family. But after the War they live in a guest house, because their house is on the border and was damaged from the War. On September 27th, 2020, the news of the War was heard and  Avetis went to the front. His leg got wounded in the last day of the war. And Susanna was in the village of Araks of Etchmiadzin with her children since October 7. They returned to Berdzor in August 2021. Susanna doesn't work, and Avetis works as a laborer. Their family decided to engage in poultry. They want to develop to business.