Soghomonian Family

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Soghomonian Family

Sasun Soghomonian was born in 1991. Before the Second Artsakh War, he and his wife and their two children lived in the village of Vardabats in the Kashatagh region, and then in the village of Mets Tagher in the Hadrut region. He worked as a hired shepherd, now he is engaged in land grabbing.

His wife, Susanna Baghdasarian was born in 1984. She takes care of the house and takes care of the children.

The eldest daughter, Nelli was born in 2018, the other daughter, Arev was born in 2020. They do not attend school and kindergarten.

They live in a very old and rented house which is not in sufficient condition (The fee is 40,000 AMD). The utilities are not in sufficient state, the toilet is outside the house. The furniture is very old and worn out. There is no gas supply in the house, it is heated with firewood.

The family is optimistic about the future, they want to be involved in cattle breeding if possible.