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My name is Anzhela G..
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Day Centers



Favorite Subject

English, Mathematics

My Story

(DC2-225; New) Anzhela G. was born on June 18th, in Vanadzor town. Her hair and eyes are brown. She is in the 5th grade, and her favorite subject is Math and English. Anzhela doesn't have health problems. She lives with her mother, sister and grandparents. Her father passed away. Anzhela's mother is an operator. She has a 8-year-old sister. They live in child's grandmother's apartment. The apartment has one room, which serves as a bedroom and a living room. The apartment needs renovation. Furniture belongs to them․Their income is not enough to care for their needs. It includes only child's mother's low salary and an allowance․ Due to the above mentioned problems, the Day Center's professional team enrolled the child in the program. 

Note*    Anzhela is lively and smiling. Adapts to the environment with difficulty. She is willing and caring towards her sister. Responsibly fulfills the tasks given at school.