Gender Male
Birth Date Mar 14, 2010
Age 8 years old
City / Town / Village
Sponsorship Program
Day Centers
Favorite Subject


(DC1-150) Aram  was born on March 14,2010 in Yerevan town. He attends secondary school and he is in the 1st year. His favorite subject is Armenian. The family consists of 4 members. The family has temporary house, they live in their relatives' house. Child's mother was a nurse, but during maternity leave she was fired without any reason. Parents are not divorced in fact, but they don't live together because of the conflicts. During these years child's father lived with his ex-wife and child, but it is already several months that he returned to his second wife and 3 children. The main income of the family is mother's salary. The house has necessary furniture but it doesn't belong to them and it is old and worn out.

Mother doesn't care for children as she is very busy. Child's father takes care of children who lacks the necessary parental skills and abuses child physically and psychologically. Two of the children are already involved in the program. They have urgent needs that must be filled; permanent house, mother's inattentive behavior, father's unemployment and lack of parental skills. Children have aggressive behavior. The reason is father's abuse.

Aram is a very active and sociable boy, but he concentrates with difficulty. He is very close with his brother and doesn't do anything by himself. Child likes to draw and play with brother.

Due to the above mentioned problems in the family the Day Center professional team takes child into the program.

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