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My name is Davit G..
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Russian language

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(DC2-231; new) Davit G. was born on May 8th, in Vanadzor town. His hair and eyes are black. He is in the 3rd grade, and his favorite subject is the Russian language. Davit doesn't have health problems. He lives with his father, mother and two sisters. Davit's father is a builder. His mother works as a baker. He has two sisters. Davit's sisters, Liana is 9 years old and Oksanna is 11 years old. The family lives in a two-room apartment. In cold seasons, the apartment is heated with an electric stove, but the bedroom is not used due to the lack of heating. It needs partial repair. Children dress neatly․Their income is not enough to care for their needs. It includes mother's daily low salary and father's seasonal labor income․ Due to the above mentioned problems, the Day Center's professional team enrolled the child in the program.

Note*    Davit has a calm personality, he always helps his friends. He likes to play football and draw. He dreams of becoming a famous football player.