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My name is Arthur A..
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Child Sponsorship



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Physical Education

My Story

Arthur A.:     I was born on January 4th, in Ijevan town of Tavush region. I have light brown eyes and brown hair. I attend kindergarten. My favorite subject is the Physical education. My father is unemployed. He has health problem which he is currently getting treatment for. My mother is a baker at a lavash factory. My mother is my guardian. I have a brother (Vahram-13). Our family income is not enough to care for our basic needs. It includes only my mother's low salary and an allowance. We live at a dormitory subject to demolition. The room furniture is old. There is no gas. We get water from the yard faucet. There is no bathroom but electricity is provided. (7-375; new)

Remark*    Arthur is an active, smart and independent boy. He likes painting and playing.