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My name is Tsovinar N..
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7-th grade

Favorite Subject

Armenian, Global and Armenian History

My Story

Tsovinar N. was born on February 24 in Gyumri, where she attends 7th grade of a secondary school. Her favorite subjects are the Armenian language, History of Armenia and World history. She has brown hair and brown eyes. Her mother does not work due to health problems. His fatherdoes not work either due to psychological problems and being handicapped. Tsovinar has an 11-year-old brother who has health problems too. The family lives in a 57m-square home given to them by ex-mayor of Gyumri. It is in a very bad social condition with a small kitchen and no furniture besides a table, a bed which serves as a sofa and a few chairs. The second room can only be entered through the balcony. During the winter, they heat the house with fire.  The child's parent aren't able to pay much attention to her educations thus she has bad progress at school, father got serious injury in Artsakh war after which he got mental problems, taking into consideraton these factors the child is enrolled in the program.  (NEW DC4-03)

Remarks* Tsovinar is active and loves dancing and reading. She dreams to become a dance teacher and take part in dancing concerts abroad. Tsovinar dreams to have her own room.