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Armenian language

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Simon K.     I was born in Volgograd region, Russia, on November 7th. Now, I live in Goris town, Armenia. I attend secondary school and I am in the 7th grade. My favorite subject is the Armenian Language. I don’t have health problems. My eyes and hair are light brown. My father abandoned us in 2012. He has a new family and he doesn’t support us. My mother is a baker and supports us partly. She is a housewife and takes care of us. She does temporary work at lavash industry and earns little money. Our income includes only her earning which is not regular and not enough to cover our costs or care for our needs. I have two brothers (25 and 21 years old) and a sister (23 years old). My guardian is my mother.  We live in a 2-room rented apartment. The apartment is dark and damp. We don’t have gas supply. Utilities are not in sufficient state. We have only a few pieces of furniture which are old and worn out. The apartment is in bad condition and needs renovation. We live in hard social conditions. We'll use your assistance for caring our basic needs. (6-172; update)

Remark* Simon is a resourceful, active boy. He likes to play with toys and cars. He also likes to watch TV, especially cartoons.