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Marusia Yeganian.           I was born and grew up in Ijevan. It's already 25 years that my husband is dead.  I have a  son and a daughter. My son is not married, he is 52 years old and he is handicapped. My daughter is  married and lives in village Achajur,  Tavoush region. I live  with my son.  I fell and broke my leg and hand. I have high pressure and very often I have headaches. My only income is pension provided by the government, which is not enough to care my needs.  When I feel well, I attend Evangelical church in Ijevan. I am happy for the food that I receive from the project. I live in a  3-room half-built house, which needs renovation. There is no gas supply. There is electricity and water supply. The furniture is old, the walls are not painted. The bathroom is half-built.  ( 3562-11046;update)