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My name is Hripsime V..
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Child Sponsorship



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English and Armenian language

My Story

Hripsime V.    I was born in Yerevan town, Armenia, on May 3rd. I  attend secondary school and I am in the 4th grade . I like the English and the Armenian languages most of all. I often have lung inflammation. My eyes and hair are black. My father is a driver.  My mother doesn’t work.   She has hepatite B. Our income is not enough to care for our needs. It includes poverty allowance, my father's low salary.  I have  two brothers  brother (15 and 6  years old). My guardian is my mother. I attend apostolic church. We live in a 1-room rented apartment which is not in satisfactory condition.  Floor is from concrete and rooms are cold. We have a few furniture pieces which are old and worn out. We use the salon as a kitchen. Toilet is outdoors. We live in unsatisfactory social conditions. We'll use the money for buying clothes, shoes, stationeries and food for us. (01-858; update)

Remark* Hripsime is a kind and cute girl. She likes playing with dolls. She beautifully dances. She also paints flowers, stars, sun. She dreams of having a dog and take care of him. She wants to be a doctor. Hripsime likes to take care of her little brother. She studies well at schoool.