Gender Male
Birth Date Jun 01, 2013
Age 5 years old
City / Town / Village
Sponsorship Program
Child Sponsorship


I was born on June 01, 2013 in Gyumri town. I don't attend school yet. My hair and eyes are brown. I don't have any health problem. I attend Apostolic church. My father, Georgy doesn't work. He has liver cirrhosis. My mother, Marine is a cleaner. She has eyesight problem. My guardian is my mother. I have 2 sisters, Svetlana (15 years old) and Haykush (16 years old). Our income is not enough to care for our needs. It includes only my poverty allowance and my mother's salary. We live  in one room hostel provided by the government. We don't have electricity, gas and water supply. The furniture is too old and worn out. We even don't  have hope to get a new house. (2-686; new)

Note* Knyaz is a very active child. Likes to play with toys. His dream is to become a serviceman.

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