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My name is Karo P..
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Sponsorship Program

Avedisian School



Favorite Subject

Math and English

My Story

Karo P. I was born on  March in Yerevan, I attend secondary school. I am in the 9-th grade, my favorite subjects are Math and the English. My father is an electrician and he supports our family partly, my mother she doesn't work.Our family income is not enough to care for our needs, it includes only my father's salary.  I have  a sister, she is 13 years old.  We live in a 3-room apartment which is not in satisfactory condition. The house is not renovated. The furniture is broken and bathroom is in devastating state.  (NEW AV01-36)

Remarks* Karo is active, curious. He loves music, he plays the guitar and trumpet. He studies well.