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Armenian language

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(DC2-204; NEW) Mher G.  was born on October 29th, in Vanadzor town. His hair and eyes are black. He is in the 3rd grade and his favorite subject is the Armenian language. Mher doesn't have any health problem. His father is a policeman and mother is a housewife. She has nerosis. Mher's guardians are his parents. He has 2 brothers: Hayk (6 years old) and Artyom (3 years old). His grandmother also lives with them. Their income is not enough to care for their needs. It includes father's low wage salary. The family lives in a relative's house and they use only 2 rooms. The kitchen needs renovation. They don't have a bathroom. They have gas, water and electricity supply in the house. They live in unsatisfactory social conditions. Mher is a kind boy. The Day Center professional team decided to take child into the program taking into account family's financial, social, psychological, as well as child's educational problems.