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My name is Astghik B..
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Favorite Subject

Math, Armenian Language

My Story

Astghik B.: I was born on August 16th, in Stepankert town of Artsakh region. I am in the 3rd grade and my favorite subject is Math and the Armenian Language. My hair and eyes are brown. My father is a cattle breeder. My mother is a housewife. She takes care of us. I have 2 sisters (14, 11) and 3 brothers (18, 16, 13). My guardians are my parents. My grandmother lives with us. I attend Apostolic church. We don't have a house and live in a rented two floor house. We live on the first floor, which has 4 rooms, kitchen and bathroom. The house needs renovation. We have water, gas and electricity supply and we heat the house by wood. The  furniture is old and belongs to the owner. We'll use your financial assistance to buy food and clothes. (DC5-40; new)

Remark* Astghik is a modest, punctual and clever girl. She likes to play with dolls and read books. In her free time she studies math with her sister, helps her mother with the housework. Her dream is to return to their village and live in their house.