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My name is Milana H..
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Russian language, painting

My Story

(DC1-231; new)  Milana H. was born on September 25th, in Yerevan town. She has black eyes and hair. She attends secondary school and she is in the 2nd grade. Her favorite subjects are the Russian language and Painting. The family consists of 4 members. Milana's father, who  doesn't work since he suffers from Bekhterev's disease. Milana's mother is a hairdresser. Their income is not enough to care for their needs. It includes only Milana's mother's salary. Milana's brother Alex is 20 years old. He can't find a job. They live in a 2 room house with old renovation. The utilities are not in sufficient state. The doors and windows are old. Bathroom is in bad state. The furniture is old and worn out. The family has just returned from Russia and the child needs adaptation. Milana finds it hard to talk to the children of her same age in Armenian language. Milana's mother doesn't have much time to take care of her children.  Milana is a calm and clever girl. She likes to sing and dance.