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(DC1-229;new) Sargis H. was born on December 9th, in Yerevan town. His hair and eyes are brown. He is in the 4th grade and his favorite subject is Math. He has eye problem ( he is short sighted). He attends Apostolic church. The family consists of 5 members. Sargis's father is a driver. His mother  is a housewife and takes care of the children. They both have health problems (mother is short sighted and often has headaches, father has backbone problems). Their income is not enough to care for their basic needs. It includes only father's low salary. Sargis has two brothers (16 & 6 years old).  They live in a 3 room house with old renovation. The house belongs to child's grandfather. The utilities are not in sufficient state. The doors and windows are old. Bathroom is in a bad state. The furniture is old and worn out. Child's mother isn't able to help them to do their homework. Mother lacks the necessary parental skills. Davit is an active child. He likes to paint. Due to the above mentioned problems in the family the Day Center professional team enrolled child in the program.