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My name is Argishti V..
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Child Sponsorship



Favorite Subject

Math, chess

My Story

Argishti V.  I was born on October 11th, in Vanadzor. I have black eyes and hair. I attend secondary school and I am in the 5th grade. My favorite subjects are chess and math. I don't have any health problem.  My father died in 2020 during Artsakh war. My mother is a teacher, but now she is on maternity leave. My family income includes only my mother's salary. It is not enough to care for our basic needs. We live in a  three room apartment. We have the necessary furniture. The bathroom needs to be repaired. We have gas, water and electricity. The apartment needs general renovation. (3-561; new)

Remark* Argishti is a very smart, friendly, lively child. He studies with excellent grades. He attends chess group.