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Sargis A.  I was born on February 8th, in Vanadzor. I have black eyes and hair. I have bronchitis and I am currently being treated in hospital. My father died in 2020 during Artsakh war. My mother, Christine is a housewife. She takes care of us. She has goiter․ I have 2 brothers (11 and 2 years old) and a sister (8 years old). My family income includes allowance․ We do not receive a military pension yet․ We live in a three room house. The house has no communal or living conditions. The house is half-destroyed, damp, the roof is damaged, the floor is destroyed. The furniture is old. the house is in unhygienic condition. We have gas, water and elecricity. We don't have a bathroom, the toilet is outside. (3-580; new)