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Armenian language

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Lernik T.:       I was born on October 5th, in Stepanavan town of Lori region. I have brown eyes and hair.  I attend school and I am in the 1st grade. My favorite subject is the Armenian Language. I have feet pain. My father is a contracted serviceman. My mother doesn't have a job. She is a housewife and takes care of us. My mother has lymphostal and vascular problem. I have a brother (Narek-3) and a sister (Meri-1). Our family income is not enough to cover all our expenses. It includes only my father's low salary. We live in a private stone house. The house is very damp the whole year. The floor is concrete. The house is damp and dull. We have a small plot of land in front of our house. Using your assistance we will care for our basic needs. (4-356;new)

Remark*     Lernik is a shy and modest boy. He is very attentive to his sister and brother. Lernik likes to play with toys.