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My name is Lia E..
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Child Sponsorship



Favorite Subject

Armenian and English languages, Math

My Story

Lia E.   I was born on December 26, 2011 in Ararat region, Masis town. My eyes and hair are light brown. I am in the 5th grade. My favorite subjects are Armenian and English languages and Math. I don't have health problems. My father is unemployed. He had a heart surgery. My mother is a baker. I don't have any brothers and sisters. Our income is not enough to care for our basic needs.We live in an old half built house. The kitchen is tumble-down. We don't have gas supply, but we have water and electricity. Using your assistance we will care for our basic needs. (7-370; New)

Remark* Lia is a friendly, clever girl. She loves pets a lot. She likes to draw in her free time.