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My name is Novel G..
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Armenian language

My Story

(DC2-209) Novel G. was born on April 24th, in Vanadzor town. Novel attends elementary school and he is in the 4th grade. His favorite subject is the Armenian language.  

They live in the house of mother in law, which needs renovation, the bedroom does not have enough lighting, tubes of bathroom are damaged. They use the electricity very sparingly. In winter they used to use gas heater, but it was  forbidden, so now they have to use electric heater. Child's father died and he lives with his mother, brother and grandmother. Child's mother is a hairdresser. Their family income is not enough to care for their needs. It includes mother's low salary, pension of mother in law and allowance. Novel has expressed flammability, shows some aggression during communication. Understands others feelings easily and tries to help whenever noticing negative emotions. Novel's mother is very busy, she can't follow up with her children's education.

 Due to the social, financial, educational and psychological problems the Day Center professional team takes the child into the program.

 Remark*       Novel is very active and initiative boy. He loves to draw and dance. He is also very caring towards his brother.