About Me
My name is Daniela A..
City / Town / Village




Sponsorship Program

Avedisian School



Favorite Subject

Math and Armenian language

My Story

Daniela A.:   I was born on 25th July, in Yerevan town of Armenia. I study at Avedisian school. I am in the 1st grade and my favorite subjects are the Armenian language and Math. My eyes and hair are dark brown. My father's name is Armen. He passed away. My mother's name is a lawyer.  Our family income is not enough to care for our needs. It includes only my mother's low salary.  I don't have brother or sister. We live in a 2 room rented apartment. The apartment needs renovation. Furniture is old and worn out and belongs to the owner.  Using your financial assistance we will care for our basic needs. (AV01-227; new).

Remark*  Daniela is a very active, kind and friendly girl.